Friday, 8 July 2011

Fall 2011

Couture shows are my favourite thing, seeing as they're pretty much an excuse for designers to do whatever they want.

I only realised really recently that Marchesa doesn't do couture shows, which I wasn't expecting, but then again, they do fall into a sort of category (BEAUTIFUL GOWNS) which I guess doesn't need a couture collection. They do experiment a fair amount in their RTW shows however:

Elie Saab also falls into the BEAUTIFUL GOWNS category, but he does do couture shows. This is my favourite look from his Fall 11 Couture collection:
So beautiful I might actually die
But there are a ton of fantastic looks in there. Saab looks great on the red carpet, and Emma Watson wore one of these dresses for the last Harry Potter ever:
There's so much lace and white this season! I think the royal wedding (fever) is still having an influence. Check out this from the Alexander McQueen Resort 2012 (oops) collection:
lace x white 4eva

This from McQueen 2011 RTW:

looking at this makes me hungry and i dont know why
And just Givenchy's 2011 couture is an amazingly beautiful collection:

And I'll throw in one more from Giambattista Valli just to show that everyone's doing it:

So basically, you can see that white and lace and texture and sheers (weep) are everywhere.

In closing, I'd like to mention the Jean Paul Gaultier show for this look alone:
i just what

Beard + corset + flowy cape/wings? Clearly onto a winner.

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  1. Would kill for an Ellie Saab!
    And I love Givenchy's presentation.

    Gaultier WTF!