Tuesday, 5 July 2011

I want to talk about this season.

And by this season, I mean Autumn/Winter 2011 [Southern Hemisphere] (totally not an official categorisation).

My favourite thing so far is the VELVET. There's a lot of it around in this season's colours - burgundy and navy and black as the most common (is anyone else reminded of school uniforms, or is that just me?). I bought literally the best dress ever from Lippy:

And I LOVE IT. Even if it is incredibly short and not quite appropriate for work. By the way, yes that is another velvet dress (black) on the hook next to me that I was already wearing that day. I also just bought a purple velvet ASOS dress that is incredibly complicated to put on and also doesn't really fit that well :(

I also love my ASOS cape. It was on sale and it's fantastic and it's only just really starting to pick up in New Zealand.

I love this model, she's just like "Yep, someone is taking another photgraph of me."

Capes are a bit of a mixed bag, though.

  • Looks fantastic
  • Relatively uncommon
  • Cape envy on the street
  • Draughty
  • Can't carry bags on the shoulder
  • Does up kind of weirdly
So I don't wear it that often.

One thing about this season that I'm not so keen on is sheers. This is pretty much just for practical/personal reasons, because
a) they're cold :( and
b) I'd have to find something in my clothespile to wear underneath them.

I feel like I'm slowly coming around to them, possibly because they're like 70% of all clothes this winter. I think they'll be around for spring/summer as well, seeing how layerable they are and how well they'll translate to next season's colours.

Another thing that seems to be sticking around is animal print. When I was young, animal print was kind of tacky, and I seem to have internalised this. It's still making appearances in the Fall RTW collections, which honestly surprised me. I'd like to see some more innovation in this area - less leopard, more giraffe maybe?

Look at that, it's gorgeous.

Zebra is a bit intense (and 80s) and I think tiger could work if it's muted and a decent fabric. OR COW PRINT.

I'm also hoping this brown/brown trend will be on the outs soon, I'm so not a fan. From what I've seen of next season colours (next post topic?) it won't fit that well, but then I like predicting that things I don't like will fall out of fashion despite all the evidence that it's really popular. Oh well.

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